The Indian government Banned 118 Chinese Apps Including PUBG

India Banned 118 Chinese Apps

On 3rd September, the Indian government Banned 118 Chinese Apps

After Border dispute issues between India and China, in June 2020, the Indian government banned 59 popular apps including Tiktok, UC Browser which is secretly used to spy on its users

Indian government trying to Safeguard from Chinese Cyber Threats too,

Government of India, also make ban of the clones of Chinese apps, but other Popular Gaming Apps like Pubg was not Banned at that time

Now this time, in the release of the statement from Ministry Of IT, Along with Pubg 118 Chinese Apps are banned

List of Chinese Apps Banned

List of Chinese Apps Banned in June

Here what happened After Tiktok Ban

India is a highly targeted County by Tiktok Company, youngsters spend at least 6 hours of time with Tiktok, it has more than 100M installs last month before the ban,

According to Forbes Tiktok lose up to $6 billion after the ban by the Indian government

source: Forbes

Why Banned?

Pubg and Tiktok has Ruined many teenagers lives in India, these two apps mentally affected to teenagers, most of the teenagers committed suicide while highly engaging with these two apps

Indian Parents are Happy with the Ban, as it affected their children's future

Not only that According to Researchers these Chinese apps Secretly used to spy on Citizens

Ban of Pubg will impact huge losses to China

Pubg is one of the most Played Video Game by youngsters of India, it has roughly 175M installs,

According to popular news magazines

Tencent Loses $14 Billion in Market Value, Its Shares Fall Over 2% After India Bans PUBG


Future of Indian Gamers

There are a lot of Popular Indian Gamers who earn a living by Live Streaming Pubg, now searching for alternatives for Pubg Mobile

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, addressing the nation, Said that India Will be the hub for Online Games

Indian government likely to Partnership with Popular Gaming Companies

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