Twitter Account Of Got Hacked

Twitter account of got hacked, the hacker tweeted asking a donation of Bitcoin as cvoid relief fund

On 3rd September, an Unknown Hacker named "John Wick"

Hacked the Twitter Account Of Website and Hacker Posted Tweets Asking for Donations of Bitcoins as CVOID relief fund


  • The Personal Twitter Account linked to Got Hacked
  • The Hacker Claims he was from South Korea
  • The Hacker said he found the login details of the twitter account in Website

Fact Checks:

  • The Hacker didn't Deface the Website
  • Narendra Modi's Official Twitter Account is Not Hacked
  • No one donated Bitcoins to the address

Twitter Account Of Narendra Modi's Personal Website got Hacked

According to Various Sources, Cyber Attacks are Highly Increased after the Cvoid 19 crisis

Even Recently the high profile Twitter Accounts got hacked, including Bill Gates and Elon Musk and the Hacker pretended to donate Bitcoins

Later The 17 Years Old Hacker was Arrested his act.

Let us Explain Briefly, How The Incident Might Happened, and How the Hacker gained access to twitter account

As Per Indian Cyber Troops Twitter User

The Hacker might gain access to Website, and claimed that the api keys and database credentials associated with that Website are exposed

Some people claim that he hacked that twitter account to show public stunt, and the hacker tweeted via Modi's website

Now some people worried that even VIP person Accounts are not safe, so what about aadhar card and pan data

Let me clear one thing,

Nothing is safe in this digital world, even if Aadhar, PAN data is stored in a safe server with high-security firewalls still we can't guarantee about its security

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