How to Get the Cisco Certification?

Learn how to get into IT, guide on how you can avail a Cisco Certificate

Cisco certification is one of the most respected certificates in the global IT industry. Many candidates hope to obtain the certificate of Cisco certification. But the certificate of Cisco certification needs to pass the professional examination to obtain, and it is difficult for people who have not had the system learning to pass the formal Cisco certification exam. So how to learn and pass the Cisco certification exams?

In fact, the conditions for applying for Cisco certification training are very simple. All on-the-job personnel with DOS, Windows and a certain level of English, students in colleges and universities and personnel who require technical knowledge of key network equipment can apply for Cisco training. Next, We will give you a detailed introduction to the main learning contents of Cisco certification certificates of different levels

1.How to Learn Cisco CCNA Certification?

At this stage, we mainly need to learn the basic network theory, Cisco equipment operation, the basic realization of LAN, the construction of WAN, the construction of MAN and so on. At this stage, students are required to have basic network concepts, and have been exposed to IP and IPX networks, preferably with practical network work experience.

In terms of CCNA practice, there is no basis for friends to self-study at home which takes about 2 months, without certainty to learn it well. But if it is through training institutions for systematic learning, you can basically complete the learning within three weeks.

2.How to Learn Cisco CCNP Certification?

As the senior engineer certification in Cisco certification system, the content of CCNP certification will naturally become more complex. At this stage, in order to enable the trainees to acquire more practical network knowledge, the course will include a series of more complex contents such as routing, troubleshooting and maintaining Cisco IP Networks.
Because the content of learning is more profound and complex, it can be basically solved in 45 days through training institutions.

3.How to Learn Cisco CCIE Certification?

Cisco CCIE certification is regarded as the world’s top CCIE certification in the field of internetworking, with high social recognition. Naturally, higher certification difficulty and more complex learning content will follow. The main contents need to be learned include in-depth analysis of multi-layer switch implementation and difficult problem resolution in large-scale network environment, IGP routing protocol implementation and difficult problem resolution in large-scale network environment, BGP routing protocol implementation and difficult problem resolution in large-scale network environment, multicast routing protocol and IPV6 large-scale network deployment, each subset and various subset synthesis of QoS technical architecture Application problems and other knowledge.

After completing the study and passing the certification, you can successfully become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. In addition to gaining the recognition of the whole industry, you will also become the most competitive person in your professional field.

As an expert level certification in the field of Cisco Certification, it is recommended to enter the training institutions in order to obtain relevant knowledge more quickly and systematically.
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