Google Introduce Android Earthquake Alerts System

The alert system uses your phone as a mini-seismometer and can help warn you seconds before an earthquake hits so you can seek shelter faster
Android Earthquake alerting system

On June 15, 2021, Google Officially Announced that Android Earthquake Alerts System rolled out for the countries with higher earthquake risks

As per the blog post by Google, This summer 6 new features are rolling out for android that includes Android Earthquake alerting system, Star Important messages on Messages App, Contextual Emoji suggestions in Gboard App, Access Apps with Your Voice, Voice access will recognise Password Input, Android auto Experience with Dark mode and self customization feature

Story Highlights

  • Android will now Detect Earthquakes
  • This feature is available outside the US
  • The alert system uses your phone as a mini-seismometer

Android Earthquake Alerts System

Firstly Google launched this Alerting system in August 2020 in the US, later in New Zealand and Greece

When the Android Mobile start shaking then it will send a signal along with current location to Google earthquake detection servers after verifying it will display the alert on Android Smartphone

The earthquake alerting system will alert you seconds before the earthquake hits so that you can safeguard yourself quickly

The Earthquake Alerts system will be rolled out globally as of now the feature already available outside the US and to the following countries Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

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