How To Transfer Files From Kali Linux To Windows In Virtualbox

In this tutorial you will learn how to create shared folder in kali linux

How to transfer files from Kali Linux to windows in VirtualBox

Now you can share files from windows to kali Linux virtual machines, and vice versa,

A few years ago, When I was using Kali Linux for the first time I was wondering how to transfer files from Kali Linux to windows in VirtualBox, at that time some useful youtube videos helped me,

Now things are getting changed, however, there are many ways to achieve the same, no one wants to follow the difficult way, that's why you have to follow new methods

Here is the step by step guide to share files from your Windows machine to your Kali Linux and kali to windows

how to create shared folder in kali linux

Firstly Open Virtual Box, and at the top, you will notice the Settings option click on it,

Click on General then Click on Advanced then, change shared clipboard to Bidirectional as shown in below screenshot

After saving the settings, you can select Shared Folders from there, or you can goto back and  click on Settings then Shared Folders

You will notice the Shared folders as shown in the below screenshot

after clicking the Shared folders you will notice something like this

now click on  ( + ) Plus Icon and you have to select the folder which you want to make a shared folders and tick on Auto-mount

in my case, I have selected the Desktop Folder of My Windows 

that's all you have created a shared folder where you can share your files from your Kali Linux Machine

How to access shared folder in kali linux

Now the question arises, How you can access the shared folder from Kali Linux, 

My answer is, there are many ways you can, but you need to be a sudo user to access the shared folder

You can access it through the default file Manager of Kali Linux

or you can access it through the terminal

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