5 Reasons Why PHP is still alive

First off all PHP is not an ugly language, but the problem with PHP is purpose specific

As a beginner web developer, it's a challenging thing to choose a good backend language, when it comes to PHP you might already see a lot of memes online.

a few years back, when I was learning PHP I was safe because PHP was considered a good backend language and Node.js, Django and many other web development technologies are not so popular at that time,

Sometimes a question arises still PHP is a good language to learn PHP in 2021 and beyond?

My answer is, It depends on the requirements, 90% of the experienced developers make fun of PHP, but at the end of the day they agree PHP is not bad, there are certain things developers don't like to work with PHP, we aren't discussing them here, instead, we will be discussing on Why you should learn PHP

is PHP a dead language?

People often ask is PHP outdated,
PHP isn't dead but when technologies trend change, we also need to switch from one to another technology, same goes for PHP, there was a time where I spent time on Laravel, Core PHP when I switched to Python and JavaScript I was more comfortable and I didn't like to switch back to PHP

still, 455 million sites are powered by WordPress, a popular Open Source CMS, this is one of the reasons why PHP is still useful

 Why PHP still Exists

There are various reasons, PHP is an old language with huge community support and it is a beginner-friendly language too, lets us figure out the things that made PHP stand in the crowd

Beginner Friendly

PHP is a beginner-friendly language, even if you don't have any previous knowledge of any programming then you can easily learn PHP, you will feel you're writing HTML, with the use of Cpanel any beginner can easily set up a PHP website in minutes

Huge Community Support

PHP has huge community support, and you can expect a quick solution for most of the complex problems, this is what programmers want,
there are some useful PHP frameworks out there and some popular Open-source CMS like WordPress, Drupal that saves our time

Open Source 

its an open-source programming language and you don't have to worry about licensing, you can happily code whatever you wish

Popular CMS

CMS like WordPress reveals the power of PHP, according to W3Techs data  42.4% of the websites used WordPress and  79.1% of the websites are still powered by PHP

all os compatible

Php is supported by almost all operating systems, and there isn't a problem when switching from one operating system to another

what php good for

php is the best language for beginners, while there are some pros and cons for all other programming languages, pointing at PHP is not a good idea.

Php is good when you want to use for simple tasks, such as setup a custom contact form, or a blogging website, anything else that doesn't require a lot of complex functionality

Final words

I have shared my opinions and experience working with PHP, while php is a little bit outdated, still useful at certain cases
If you have anything to say let me know in the comments section

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