5 Paraphrasing Tools That Guarantee The Originality Of The Final Text

5 Paraphrasing Tools That Guarantee The Originality Of The Final Text


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Paraphrasing is an ethical practice used to avoid plagiarism and create original content. While sprinkling plagiarized content in paraphrased content is patchwork, devising entirely new essays out of it can ensure content integrity. So, you need to avoid patchwork or mosaic plagiarism.

Back to the topic, finding the tools that help you create such paraphrased content can be a tricky regime. Not only because some tools tend to paraphrase robotic content, but they often make it sound way too generic. In other words, the content loses credibility and integrity, even if it’s original.

So, that’s when you need to pick paraphrasers with integrity and proven usage among writers. However, finding such tools isn’t easy, as it requires understanding various elements and continuous checking. But, don’t worry, we got you.

We went ahead and tried a few essential paraphrasers today. So, let’s dive in and help you pick the five best paraphrasers today. 

Keys Of Picking A Paraphraser

A paraphraser tool isn’t only an AI-enthused robotic program that rewords your content. It’s also a tool that rephrases, reorganizes, and restructures content in a better flow. This factor makes it a major reason many writers use paraphrasing tools. Moreover, they also need to ensure content integrity. 

So, the program also needs to work flawlessly and never compromise content integrity or rewrite something unfathomable. So, if a paraphrasing tool is rewriting robotic content, it’s not working correctly. That’s why it’s essential to pick a tool that ensures quality and integrity.

However, picking a paraphrasing tool requires you to tend to a few key elements. The tool itself needs to feature a set of necessary elements for it to stand out. Moreover, one of the deciding factors is if the program is free. And if the paid version adds any improvements.

Then, we also consider if the free version provides any options, such as tone correction, languages, etc. That’s why, when you pick a paraphrasing tool, you need to ensure it features these array of benefits. 

If it doesn’t, even the paid version may not work as well. So, make sure you understand this before using a paraphrasing tool.

5 Best Paraphrasing Tools 

Tool Name Free Words Languages Support Tone Changes Premium Options
Prepostseo        5000 Yes Yes Yes
Paraphraser        5000 Yes Yes No
Bookmyessay     Unknown Yes AI mode only Yes
Editpad     Unlimited Yes Yes No
Seomagnifier     Unknown
Yes AL mode No

The elements as mentioned above are critical offerings of a paraphrasing tool. So, bearing all these things in mind, we picked five of the best paraphrasing tools available today. These programs extensively use AI and offer all you need from a free program.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Prepostseo’s Paraphrasing Tool


Prepostseo’s paraphraser is one of the best at changing your content to make it better. It helps writers and students alike with its remarkable array of options and free-registration offer. The free registration allows you to paraphrase up to 5000 words a day. 

Which is more than enough considering the requirements of both professionals and students. However, even the yearly or monthly paid versions won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Which makes this paraphraser one of the best to guarantee the originality of your final text.

Free words: 1000 unregistered, 5000 free-registered users
Paid premium/type: Yes/Yearly & Monthly
Language support: Yes
Tone change: Yes
File upload/download: Yes/Yes

2. Paraphraser.io


Paraphrase.io is the second name on this list and perhaps one of the best paraphrasing tools available today. The reason this paraphraser stands out is because it does paraphrase online without any cost. While the other names on this list aren’t slow by any means, this one just stands out.

Even paraphrasing more than a thousand words took only around 5-10 seconds until the final product was out. This, on top of the fact that it allows you to change the content tone for free, makes it one of the best free paraphrasing tools available today. 

Free words: 5000
Paid premium/type: None
Language support: Yes
Tone change: Yes
File upload/download: Yes/Yes

3. BookMyEssay’s Paraphraser


Bookmyessay’s paraphraser is yet another astounding tool on this list. It has become quite a remarkable tool for any writer in recent times. It helps you rephrase your content into something extraordinary. 

While content’s tone change is only available for 500 words, the simple model does a great job as well. That’s why it’s quickly becoming one of the favorite tools among students. More importantly, the content passed through this paraphraser skips any plagiarism checker. 

Free words: Unknown
Paid premium/type: Yearly/Monthly
Language support: No
Tone change: AI Mode Only
File upload/download: Yes

4. Editpad’s Paraphrasing Tool

Editpad’s paraphrasing tool is on the simpler and quicker side to paraphrase the content online. However, it’s definitely one of the best paraphrase tool when it comes to content integrity. It changes your content and makes it sound better in many cases. This alone makes this paraphraser worth your time.

While the content might require minor corrections, it is still one of the best programs you can use today. Therefore, if you’re looking for free but unlimited word count, then Editpad’s paraphraser is just the right tool for you.

Free words: Unlimited

Paid premium/type: None

Language support: Yes

Tone change: No

File upload/download: Yes/Yes

5. Seomagnifier’s Paraphraser 


Seomagnifier’s paraphraser is one of the quickest names on this list. We checked a couple of thousand words, and it showed no limits, so there might be no limit to its usage. Since it offers no paid premium, it is safe to assume this program is entirely free.

However, the AI mode only allows you to rephrase 500 words at a time. Even then, you can reuse it as many times as you like. As for the content it rephrases, the originality is unquestionable. That’s why this tool is one of the most famous among professionals and students today.

Free words: Unknown
Paid premium/type: None
Language support: Yes
Tone change: AI Mode only
File upload/download: Yes/Yes


So, these five are some of the remarkable paraphrasing tools that you can use today. Each offers something outstanding, and all of them ensure content’s originality and integrity. So, make sure you use the one that suits you the most. 
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