How I Learnt React JS in 21 Days, That Too For Free

React JS Roadmap that I personally followed and learn that Library without spending a penny

Development is a long-lasting journey where no one knows everything, and we always have to learn new things and adapt them according to our needs and the market requirements.

In this post, I will be sharing my Journey of How I learnt  React Js in 21 Days for free and the Projects I have built so far.

Learn React Js

A little bit info of about my background in the Tech Industry, I started my coding journey in 2013-14 and at the age of 13-14, when the internet was new. There were no courses, and don't have good internet connections to watch youtube tutorials. I learnt HTML, CSS, a little bit of JQuery and PHP. I continued to learn, after some time, I have discontinued learning and moved far away from Web development, focusing on studies and School, College life was too busy as always.

I was pursuing a degree, and I didn't show interest in doing any job in the tech industry, and I didn't have proper guidance or plan to get into tech. I was coding and learning as a passion, and again if you fail to turn the code to cash, you have nothing much to do with your passion.

In 2020 I came across Mr Quazi from Clever Programmer. He is my inspiration for learning React JS. He used to make clones of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and many other fun projects. I was curious to build that type of user interface. Although he offered a course to learn React Js, I had no money to enrol in his course. also, I was busy learning Cyber Security and didn't start immediately

Later I came up with CodewithHarry's Youtube Channel, where I used to learn Programming from him.

Let's begin the story without wasting your time. And know the exact roadmap of how I used to learn React Js, 

Before learning React Js, there are some requirements that you must have to be familiar with


Basics of

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap (A Bonus)

What is React Js?

(In case you don't know)

React Boasts:  A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

In simple words

React Js is an open-source Javascript library developed by Facebook. People often call it a Framework, and it is used for designing and developing user interfaces for Websites.

How many days will it take to learn React Js 

For me, it took 21 days. It doesn't mean that you should also learn it in the same time duration. It depends on several factors, such as your previous knowledge of web development.

It doesn't take too much time if you already know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If not, you should have to spend some time learning the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, which may take 1-12 months depending on how much time and effort you are giving. 

Resources I follow

I Started With Harish (CodeWithHarry), and the list goes 

How to learn React Js fast 

As I told you earlier, I was familiar with HTML, CSS for years and didn't have to struggle too much learning them again. I spent a few days practising them again

In the CSS part, I spent some time learning about Flexbox and Grid again, as they are mainly used 

If you are starting your Reactjs journey from scratch, then I would suggest you spend some time learning HTML, CSS because at the end of the day, you will be writing HTML and CSS

Once you are good at HTML, CSS then move to basic Javascript 

People often ask how deep should need to learn Javascript,

hmm, I will be answering that

How much javascript knowledge is required?

after learning HTML, CSS and the basics of Javascript, If you are in confusion about how much Javascript knowledge is required to learn React JS, I followed the below and continue Learning as there is no limit

if you are a complete beginner, I highly advise you to learn

Javascript Fundamentals plus most importantly
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Loops
  • ES6 Concepts
  • JSON 
  • Fetch
After getting some hands-on experience with these, you are ready to jump into the react. 

I have followed
CodeWithHarry's Youtube Channel as I Like to learn in Hindi. Also, if someone explains to me in Hindi, I learn very fast. of course, I learnt React Js in three weeks and spent more than 6 months on it to get confidence

I did not cover everything, but In our upcoming blog posts, I will be posting the core concepts you should learn as a beginner React Js developer.

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