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DroidKeyLog setup guide

In this post, I will be guiding you on how to set up the  DroidKeylog Backend app on any hosting service.

Though the setup process is not so complicated and may be tricky for those who are beginners and never touched PHP

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How to setup DroidKeylog Keylogger

To set up this DroidKeyLog Control Server, you need three things

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Files
Before that, You should have a basic Idea of PHP & Mysql Databases as we connect and make it work.

If not, there is nothing to worry about, as this tutorial will be so easy that anyone can easily understand and host the script.

I assume that you have Hosting and Domain ready, then follow this tutorial, you can choose any free hosting service, but I will be picking a paid plan.

If you choose any Free PHP hosting service, you may get a free subdomain associated with that hosting service, and no need to worry about the custom domain.

Setting up the Hosting

First of all Login into your Hosting Panel, Since I use Hostinger, I will be logging into the Hosting Panel.

If you use Hostinger, clicking on Hosting will see the list of domains hosted by you on that server. You can choose your preferred domain and click Manage.

step 1

Now search for File Manager and click on that.

step 2

After that, browse and navigate to the public_html folder and upload the zip file you received after the purchase.

You have two choices: you can upload the zip file inside the public folder or create a folder and keep the files inside it.

I will be creating a new folder klog, and uploading the file inside it.

step 3

Note: Most web hosting services offer inbuilt web-based File Managers with zipping and unzip functionality. If any hosting provider does not support Online File Manager, you must transfer the files through FTP.

Setting Up the Database

We use MySQL database to handle the data to store and analyse. PHP and MySQL are the best combinations. That's why I used them for this project.

Now create a MySQL database to store the data. Since I used Hostinger, I will search for MySQL in my hosting section.

setup the database for DroidKeylog

Now create a new database with a username and password.

DB setup

If the database creation succeeds, you will see the list of Databases. choose the one you have created and click on Enter phpMyAdmin

List of DBs

Sometimes Your PhpMyAdmin may be located at a different place. As shown below, you need to figure out that and open the PhpMyAdmin Dashboard.

PhpMyAdmin dashboard

Now select the database and click on import. Then you will see an interface like this, select the .sql file and upload. Clicking on the go button, you will be shown a message like this. 

import successful

After the import is successful, You can delete the old key logs data(if any data already exists) or keep them.

Now our database is ready, and we will set up the database host, DB and password in the db.php file.

Connecting with the Database

Making the connection to the database is very easy. It requires the hostname, database username, password and table name.

I assume that you already have the database name, password and host. I have already created a DB, and if you did not create one yet, create a MySQL database from your hosting panel.

Now go to the file manager and search for the files we have already uploaded, and in the db.php file,  set up the database. username, host, password

$servername = "localhost";
$username= "root";
$password = "";
$database = "keylog";

Now replace the values with your one. The value localhost will work for almost all hosting services. Still, if your hosting assigns an IP, use that IP in place of localhost and change the username, password, and database username to the one you created during database setup.

My Hosting service has a built-in web editor, so I will open dp.php and edit it. If your hosting provider does not provide an Online editor, locally edit the file and upload it.

Online Editor

Now Our Server is ready, to confirm this, you can open the website and check if any error exists or not.

Check Server Setup

server test

Open the web address in any browser, and you will see a message like this. if you see this message, then the setup is working,

Now Open the admin panel by /admin/

and the default username and password are admin and 1337

login panel

After login, you will see the dashboard like this.

Admin panel

Our server is fully ready, and we will set up the client for our Android.

Setting up Client

Setting Up the client With Android Phone

You can use the APK editor to edit the apk file you got during the Purchase.  open the apk file with Apk editor and replace the URL 

Follow these steps

First Download Apk editor app

apk editor

Open it and click on Select an APK File.

browse to the keylogger apk file(which you got after the purchase)

after selecting it, click on Full Edit, and Decode All Files 

decode all

click on Smali


Now you will see a smali folder and browse to \smali\com\system\android\services

smali folder
Select the Keylogger.smali file and edit

Search for http:// and replace the URL with your website


Now save the file and click on Build

build success

It will take some time to build the apk. After build success, open the build apk, which is located under the APK editor folder, 

The apk is now ready to install on the victim's phone.

Setting up the client with Apk Easy Tool.

This section will discuss setting up the client on a Desktop/Laptop.

For that, we need the software called APK Easy Tool, which is free to use and also easy to use the tool. You can get the software from XDA Developers(Link to the software)

After installing the tool, open the Keylogger apk file, which you can find inside the zip file( You will receive the files if you have purchased the project from us)

Then browse the file, select the apk and click on Decompile to decompile the Apk.

Decompile the apk using Apk easy tool

Clicking on Decompiled APK directory will take you to the folder.  go to the path at keylogger\smali\com\system\android\services

There search for Keylogger.smali

locating KeyLogger smali file

after that, open the Keylogger.smali in any text editor and search for http://
and replace the address with the website address, which you have already created (also include the directory if you have hosted the files in the directory)

replace the url

After that, in the APK Easy Tool, click on Compile. It will take some time to compile and sign the apk

You can locate the file in Recompiled APKs folder.

Re compiled apk

You can use that APK to install it on your victim's phone.

Installing on the Victim's phone

After installing the app, open it, and you will be asked for battery optimisation permission. Allow it

Ignore Battery Optimization

After that, Clicking on System Service takes you to the accessibility service settings. There you will find System Service. Allow the permission.

Accessibility service

If everything is okay, the setup is ready, and you will receive the log data at the server-side. Now, log in to your website portal, and you will see the data.

Final Words

We have explained each step to deploying and using the Droid Keylog Program. If you followed the steps carefully, then congrats, the program will work as expected. Still, if you have any queries, contact us on Whatsapp or In the Telegram Group.

If you want to purchase the program, check out the features first.
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