How to install and use the Nano text editor in Termux.

Learn How to Install and use nano text editor in termux

GNU nano is a simple terminal-based text editor, used in command line to edit, create small text files, its similar to VIM but not that powerful and it can be good for making small changes in text files through the command line

nano in termux

Today in this post, you will learn how to install and use nano text editor in termux

Follow these steps to get started

1. Download and install Termux from Fdroid

2. Open Termux and type the below commands

apt update && apt upgrade

3. Now install the nano package by typing

pkg install nano 

4. After that you can check its version by typing

nano --version

Nano in termux

5. Now you are ready to use nano

Creating a file with nano

Type below command to create a new text file

nano test.txt

Nano editor

it will create a new file test.txt if not exists

Now write there and to save and exit the nano press CTRL + X and Y then hit enter

This is the way you can use nano in termux and edit files

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