Termux Commands List (Updated)

Most Useful Termux Commands List in 2023


What are Termux Commands?

in simple words, Termux Commands are the terminal commands, which is executed to perform a particular task. These commands are similar to Linux Commands.

Termux Commands List :

Important Termux Commands
Command Purpose, Usage
termux-setup-storage Will setup the storage system
apt update will update the available packages
apt upgrade will upgrade the available packages
pkg install will install new packages, eg: pkg install php
pkg uninstall will uninstall packages, eg: pkg uninstall php
pkg list will show installed packages
pkg search will search packages, eg: pkg search php
pkg-list-installed will show the list of installed packages

Important System Level Commands
Command Purpose, Usage
uname -a Will Display the system information
whoami Will Display the current user information
history Will Display the list of perviously typed commands
clear Will clear the teminal
pwd Will print the present working directory
ls will list the directories, files in that directory
cd you can open a folder/directory using cd command, usage cd test
mv mv command is used to rename a file, folder, also used to move a file from one directory to another
cp cp is used to copy files from directory to another
rm will remove the file, folder, usage rm test.txt
touch will create a new file, touch test.txt
mkdir will create a new directories, usage mkdir test

Before we dive deep, let's start with some cool commands.
Let's Learn How To Use Cmatrix effects on Termux

For That Type Below Command

pkg install cmatrix
After that type


Ctmatrix effects will be displayed on termux

Another Cool Command is Sl

pkg install sl

After that type sl
That's all a small Train will Start Running On Termux

Now let's see what the background running tasks through termux are
just type the below command


Now let's find the factor of any number for that install below package by typing

pkg install coreutils

After that to find the factor of any number, then type the factor number
eg: factor 100

Let's play with text on termux
we can write text in different styles, firstly try with the figlet

pkg install figlet

After that type figlet and type the text you want to write in the figlet style

For Colourful text, you have to install toilet package for that, type below command

pkg install toilet

After that type toilet "your text"
You can also try color combination eg
toilet -f mono12 -F gay "Your Text"

Calendar in termux, if you can't to see the calendar in termux then type


To see the calendar
To see the time and date just type date in termux

Now let's talk about some helpful commands

apt update

This command used to update the termux built-in busybox and other packages

apt upgrade
This command is used to upgrade the packages to the latest

Accessing and managing files in termux

To manage and access files in termux then you must type below command


To access a directory cd command is used
The termux default directory is located at /data/data/com.termux/
You can access it anytime by typing cd $home

ls Command is used to see the list of sub directories

To access your internal sdcard you have to type cd /sdcard && ls

To Access your External Sdcard the same command is used cd /sdcard0/ && ls

To Remove/delete an empty Directory or a file, use this command: rm -rf filename
Where filename belongs to the name of the file or directory
Similarly, you can use rm -r filename

To Make a Directory mkdir Command is used
Eg: mkdir Hello
Where Hello Belongs to a Directory Name

For Copying files from one directory to another, cp Command is used
eg: cp /path/file /path
Similarly for moving files mv Command is used

Termux also Supports zipping and Unzipping of Zip files
For that zip , unzip Commands are used

Let's talk about Networking
ifconfig Command is used to get all the information regarding your Network IP Address
To check a particular website is accessible or not in your ISP then you can check that through termux by typing

ping website
Eg: ping google.com

The Interesting thing is you can access the internet through termux, directly in the command line

Firstly you have to install the w3m package by typing

pkg install w3m
After that, type the below command to access any website

w3m website
eg: w3m google.com
Lynx is similar to w3m
To install lynx, type pkg install lynx
After that, type lynx google.com

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