Gig Economy on Your Fingertips: Top Apps for Freelance Opportunities

The gig economy is a burgeoning market where you can engage in various temporary contracts, short-term business ventures, and freelance work. You can earn a steady side income through the following gig economy platforms.


Fiverr is one of the most well-known platforms for freelancers and remote workers worldwide. It is open for those seeking freelance opportunities in graphic design, content & translation, video & animation, digital marketing, etc. The platform offers an array of job opportunities for people in various industries. You can sign up and send proposals for job requests you are skilled at and bag the gig. Once the task is completed, the amount will be transferred to you via different payment methods mentioned on the platform.


MPL isn’t your regular gig economy platform but a gaming platform offering earning opportunities for those looking for a side hustle. This is a daily earning app where you can play an extensive range of games, such as card games, arcade games, etc. Once you have signed up, the platform offers bonuses that can be used to participate in regular tournaments. The objective is to score the highest and bag the tournament money. There are even free practice matches to help newbies brush up on their skills in playing different games, such as rummy, ludo, snakes and ladders, bubble shooter, etc. This platform is the best option if you want to increase your income while having fun.


Crowdspring is a gig platform for creative professionals, such as designers. Unlike other platforms, Crowdspring helps subscribers secure clients in an auction methodology. On this platform, companies post their projects and requirements. Then, interested designers submit their proposals detailing design concepts for the job. There are more than 200,000 designers on the platform, and it is spread across 195 countries worldwide.


If you are seeking one of the extensively used freelance networks, you must check out Upwork. The application offers many opportunities for skills like graphic design, web development, and content writing. The platform is ideal for those looking to work from home via their laptop or computer. You can check out all the job opportunities on this platform online and apply to the ones that suit your skills and experience. You can start by creating a Upwork account and listing all your qualifications and skills on your profile. Then, you can start working after the job poster has accepted your proposal. Of course, the platform offers plenty of competition. Hence, it may feel frustrating at first, but your portfolio will stand out as soon as you get a few projects and you have completed them within the stipulated deadline.

‍The platform allows individuals to find freelance or full-time projects and be hired for recurring tasks.


SolidGigs is a hidden freelancing platform and has a differentiated approach to finding work sitting at home. There’s no need to spend hours on this platform searching for jobs that suit your skills and experience. The forum will send you emails regarding freelance gigs, and you can choose the ones that cater to your qualifications. Once you have signed up for SolidGigs, you can let freelance job opportunities come to you. These freelance gigs are from top organizations and enterprises, so you do not have to worry about looking elsewhere. Although there’s no app for Android and iOS, the jobs are emailed to you. Hence, you can land jobs on your phone.


99designs is an excellent platform for graphic design professionals looking for freelance opportunities. You can connect with clients worldwide and land graphic design jobs. You can get work on this platform by working on one-on-one projects offering upfront payments or competing with others in contests that earn you money. If you are new to the freelance world, competing with others on the platform is an excellent option to secure new clients. It is also essential to build a portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients. The benefit of this platform is that you build long-term relationships with your clients. So you can continue working with the same clients outside the venue.


Toptal is an ever-growing network connecting talented freelancers to leading startups and brands. The platform takes pride in having the top 3% of freelance talent. Therefore, you must not wait to sign up on this platform and get the best side gigs that will help increase your income. You can download the mobile application to browse job opportunities while on the go. Also, you can update your availability to connect with startups and companies seeking talent quickly.


Are you in the IT industry? If so, you must check out appen. This gig economy platform partners with multinational companies in the technology field, such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft. The platform has IT professionals offering AI-powered solutions to different industries. You will find clients in various industries, such as retail business, government, healthcare, financial services, and automotive sectors. You can find job opportunities matching your skill and experience.


Tongal connects content creators to multinational companies and brands seeking animators, editors, directors, and writers. The platform is used across 177 countries and houses over 200,000 independent creators.


Become a part of the gig economy and boost your income by checking out the freelance platforms mentioned above. These platforms offer the perfect opportunity for freelancers and individuals wanting a side hustle.

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