June 26, 2017

How To Start A Blog For Free In 2018

How To Start a Blog For Free

How to start a Blog For Free

Hi there, if you are interested in Blogging, If you are wondering how to start a Blog For Free,
Then its the right place to Know where to start up a Blog for free

There are so many people who still don't know how to get a Free Blog for Blogging,
If you are still don't know then don't worry just follow below steps to start up a free Blog that too without any hosting or Coding Knowledge

You might know that

The World's Free Blogging Platforms are Blogger and  WordPress

These are the world's Popular Boggging Platforms

If you don't know which one is Better
Then read their Advantages and Choose the right one which is perfect for you Blogger or WordPress

Advantages of Blogger

Blogger.com is the simplest blogging platform where anyone can use it for free and also it is easy to Create and Run  Great Blogs

The advantage of blogger is :

You don't need to Have deep Coding Knowledge and you need not to Worry about Vulnerability and any other Issues , just write your articles and post them ,
You can change your Blog design just simply uploading a theme , or you can choose their themes

Here is a

Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Blog On Blogger

Advantages of WordPress

You many know WordPress is the world's Popular CMS platform

Millions of sites are hosted in WordPress
why WordPress is better than Blogger?
WordPress has Many plugins which will make your blog better,
And it has so many themes to Make your blog as Professional
But WordPress is Completely not free as Blogger if you create your WordPress blog at WordPress.com then if you want to use plugins,  themes, and to set up a custom domain then you have to pay $38 For A year
If you use self hosted WordPress Blog then you don't need to pay as much as WordPress.Com ,you need not to worry about vulnerability, if your site is Not self hosted

If you are new to blogging then start your Blog at Blogspot and Taste some success ,after you can migrate to WordPress without worring about your present blogspots  ,
There are some plugins in WordPress to move your blogspot blog articles to WordPress

Here is a

Step By Step Guide to Create A WordPress Blog

Finally choose the Right Platform to Start Your Blog for free

Happy Blogging..

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