Is The Best Plagiarism Removal Tool For Educational Purposes


The answer is YES! is a reliable plagiarism removal tool for education purposes. It allows students to remove accidental plagiarism quickly and efficiently from their assignments, research papers, or any other educational material. 

Utilizing this will eliminate the need for students to use traditional ways (paraphrasing, rewriting, quoting, citing) to remove plagiarism from their academic work. 

But now the question here is that, based on which reasons I’m claiming that it is the best plagiarism removal tool. Keep reading this article, you will get the answer. 

In this blog post, I will be discussing several reasons that make a reliable tool for educational purposes. 

Explanation of Plagiarism Remover Tool

Plagiarism Remover is a freemium AI-powered tool that is widely used to remove plagiarism from written text. It can remove plagiarism from essays, research papers, articles, theses, and many more. 

Want to know how it tackles plagiarism in the given input? Let me explain. This tool is equipped with a diverse set of AI-powered algorithms that first efficiently understand the given text and then amend it without damaging the original meaning. 

The changes in the text made by the tool include the replacement of words and alteration of sentence structure to break down the pattern of plagiarism. 

To demonstrate this, we have copied some passages from an online article and provided them to the tool to make sure how the tool removes plagiarism from it. 

As you can see the tool has provided the output (that contains maximum changes) against our input text. The maximum changes in the output content are an excellent indication that it is free of plagiarism. 

Reasons Why Plagiarism Remover is The Best Plagiarism Removing Tool for Educational Purposes

Below, I have discussed different reasons why is considered the best tool for eliminating plagiarism.

1. Availability of different Modes:

The very first reason that makes this tool the best option is the availability of different plagiarism removal modes. The tool has four modes including Plagiarism Remover, Word Changer, Formal, and Shorten. 

All these modes operate on a different set of algorithms and each of them has its own way of removing plagiarism from the given text. This can be especially handy for educational purposes because sometimes students need to only need change words (they can use Word Changer) to eliminate accidental plagiarism. 

Let’s understand the workings of each mode to clear up things

Plagiarism Remover Mode: This mode utilizes special AI algorithms that efficiently give text and then synonymize words in it and also alter the arrangement of words to provide unique output. 

Word Changer: As the mode indicates, it will remove plagiarism from the text by changing maximum words with their more appropriate synonyms. 

Formal mode: It is a paid mode that will remove plagiarism by replacing words in the given text with their formal synonyms. In a general word, it will not only make a given text unique but also give it a more professional look. 

Shorten Mode: This one is also paid and makes the given text unique by eliminating unnecessary or overused words from it. This elimination breaks the pattern of plagiarized words, resulting in unique content. 

2. Integration of other tools

Plagiarism remover also offers integration of some other tools as well. This also makes it a more suitable option for educational purposes. 

The integrated tools are:

Plagiarism checker: This tool will allow academics to quickly check the plagiarism of output results provided by the tool. So, they don’t have to spend time and effort in finding a dependable third-party plagiarism checker to verify the output results. 

Grammar Check: The grammar check will allow users to quickly find and fix all kinds of grammatical errors in the text. 

So, the integration of grammar and plagiarism checker is a valid reason why the tool is considered the best option for educational purposes. 

3. Word Count limit: is a freemium tool. It allows free users to remove plagiarism of up to 1,000 (by utilizing any of the first two modes). On the other hand, users with premium users can eliminate plagiarism of up to 3,000 words. 

The word limit for both free and paid is more than enough for dealing with plagiarized content. 



  • Easy to understand and use

  • Available in only one language

  • Highly accurate

  • Irritating captcha

  • Available in both free and paid versions

  • AI-based plagiarism removal

  • Multiple modes

Wrapping up is the best removal tool for educational purposes. This is so because it is equipped with AI-based algorithms and has multiple removal modes. In this article, I have explained different reasons why it is considered an excellent option for educational purposes. 

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