June 30, 2017

Why You Should Link Your Aadhar Number with Mobile No

Link aadhar Number with mobile Number

Why You should Link your Aadhar Number with Mobile No

Hi there, you might Known about the Government of India's New Rule
That Its Compulsory to Link your Aadhar No with Your Mobile No

Why you should link your Aadhar no with mobile no

Due to issue Of Fake Sim Cards ,Government taken an action on it ,so its compulsory to Link your Aadhar No with your Mobile No

Every Operator Users Need not To link your Aadhar No with Mobile No, only Those Who are Got Messages to Link
Those are need to Link

Except the Reliance Jio Users, All Airtel,Idea ,Vodafone And Other Opertor Users Who Got Messages, they have  to Link their Aadhar No with Mobile No

Why you Got the Message from your operator Service

You Might Be Taken sim with your Voter Id ,Driving Lisence or Other Documents

How You can link your Aadhar Number with Your Mobile No

Its Simple to Link your Aadhar No With Your Mobile No
Simply go to your Nearest Operator Retailer Service  Center with your Aadhar copy and Your Phone

Note you must take your  Phone for OTP submission

Then Give your Aadhar copy and Phone number and Complete Bio metric Process, then you will receive OTP to your Mobile Just verify It

Now  You have been linked your Aadhar no with your Mobile Number

After 24 Hours you will Get a Message for Final Verification  just Reply With Y

That's all Now you have Successfully Linked your Aadhar No with Your Mobile No

The Most Frequently Asked Question is That

What should I do If I Don't Have Aadhar Card I Bought This Sim with My Uncle's Voter id proof

Just take him to your Nearest  retailer Shop For Bio Metric Verification along with his Aadhar Copy

What should i Do if I bought my Sim With my Uncle or Relatives Voter Id Proof
But he is Not alive Now

What Should I Do

For this Network Operator service recommends you to Turn Your Sim to Postpaid user with new proof and After some days Turn back to Prepaid

Is there any other Solution For this

Yes there is a Solution

You should Port to other Network with New Proofs

Whats the Last Date For Linking Aadhar no with Mobile No

In Media and Newspapers Told July 1st is the Last Date for Linking Aadhar No. with Mobile No.
But the Date is Not yet Confirmed
Your Sim Might Work until January 2018

What Happens if you wont Link your Aadhar No with Your Mobile No

If you won't link your Aadhar no. With your Mobile no. Then soon your Sim won't Work

So Link your Aadhar No. With Your Mobile no. As soon as Possible

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