Latest Google Dorks List 2020 For SQLi (Huge Collection)

Google Hacking or Google dorks for new ones, all you need to know ,this article is only for educational purpose

Latest Google Dorks List 2020

Hello guys we are describing a few words about google hacking , what is Google hacking , and how google used for hacking

In this post We have cover the following

• What is Google Dork?

 How do I use Google dorks?

• Fresh Google Dorks List 2018

• Download Latest Google Dorks 2020 for SQLi

What Is Google Hacking and Google Dorks?

Google hacking means gathering information from google in a quick way by using some special queries called Dorks
Before you start to learn google hacking you must know how google hacking and google dorks helps us

as you know google is a popular search engine which serves several services and search results google provides ,these search results not only to internet users but also provodes these same informations to Cyber criminals and terrorists , but thats not our topic in this article

How Do I use Google Dorks ?

Normally if you search on the google you will find thounsands and even millions of results then you need to find out what you are exactly looking for ,it really consumes some time If you use Dorks then you will find what you are exactly looking for in a quick way

okay now go to examples suppose If you want to download bahubali2 video then you will simply go to google and type bahubali 2 movie as search query but google will return thousands of results then you couldnt decide where the download link available If you use google dorks then you will find what you are exactly looking for observe the below image dorks are applied like this

Google Dork Results
there are a lot of dorks they are used for special purpose some of the google dorks and their usage explained.

 These dorks are applied in google search box you can replace anything you want to search between the quotes " "

intitle:"Title of anything"

intitle: this dork is used to find all the titles related to your search query

 eg: intitle:"Bahubali 2" if you put this query in search box then you will find all the titles related to Bahubali2

intitle:"Index of" this dork is used to find the main link eg for download link without any restrictions

inurl:"Url of your search query" inurl dork is used to crawl all the urls of your search results

filetype:"Your search query for a file " filetype: This dork find outs the files as your desired file

 type eg: filetype:".mp4" this will find outs only mp4 formated files you can replace any file formats eg .3gp, .pdf ,.mp3 ,.txt etc
Intext:"Your search query text" this will return all search results with your desired text keyword

site:"" the dork site: is used to filter from different domains , if you use then google will crawl search results only for websites

you can use all above dorks at once in google search box only for special purpose
eg: intitle:"Index of" intext:"Bahubali2 Full movie" filetype:".Mp4" This command will bring results for Bahubali Full movie as Mp4 format

Download Latest Google  Sqli Dorks 2020

Download the latest Google dorks for finding SQL injection vulnerable websites,

hope these new google dorks will help you a lot

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Download Latest Google Dorks Of 2020

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Article Base Sqli Dorks 2020

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Note : This Tutorial is only For Educational Purpose

Hope you are all understand what is google dorks and how they are used for information gathering from google

Thanks for reading this article..

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