100% Working Hotstar Premium Accounts For Free -2019

This  is the IPL season hope you guys are enjoining the IPL matches so we are back with free Hotstar Premium accounts, by using these hotstar premium accounts you can save your money and watch your favourite Shows for free,

Free Hotstar Premium Accounts Username and Passwords 2019

As you know guys, Hotstar became one of the most popular video streaming service in India, , on Hotstar anyone can watch favorite movies, TV shows, Latest Movies even on their smartphones,

But the problem with hotstar is that you have to pay for a membership to watch all the TV Shows, Latest Movies, and many other live streaming shows,

When it comes to a free hotstar account, you will not be able to watch all the TV shows and other Live Streaming Channels like IPL matches, so here in this tutorial we are giving you Free Hotstar premium account Username and Password to Enjoy all your Favourite shows

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Before we are going to give you the premium accounts, we are going to tell you the features of a premium hotstar account

Features of premium accounts :

Free hotstar premium account username and password 2019 :

You might have searched for hotstar premium accounts and visited a lot of sites to get hotstar premium accounts, and i think you didn't get any working one.

 so here am sharing the hotstar working premium accounts to watch all the IPL matches and you can watch your favorite channels without spending your money for a hotstar premium membership

Download Hotstar premium accounts :

Because of some privacy restrictions, we have not shared the account username and password details publicly, but we have given a link to download the huge list of working hotstar Vip premium accounts

You Can Download Hotstar Mod and Enjoy Premium Features

Download Hotstar Mod link

Soon we are going to share hotstar Premium cookies, that too in a cookies.txt  file so keep visiting us

Username : Password

Subscription: Premium Month

Subscription: SportsPack

abhishekjain870@gmail.com:jabwemet, Subscription: SportsPack

amit_chitnis@hotmail.com:anurag12, Subscription: HSPremiumYear

anubhav@gmail.com:sachin, Subscription: SportsPack

ananthnv@yahoo.com:omega123, Subscription: HSPremiumYear

anwar.samrina@gmail.com:newdelhi, Subscription: HSPremiumYear

#Email - swayamprova@gmail.com
#Password - samir@sify8

#EMAIL - mrinal.braj@gmail.com
#PASSWORD - 1407sony

#EMAIL - akshaysn92@gmail.com
#PASSWORD - akshaysn92

#EMAIL - charismatickanthan@gmail.com
#PASSWORD - amutha












Conclusion :

We have given you the hotstar premium accounts for free, you can download the hotstar premium accounts username and password and watch your favourite shows,

please note that some of the accounts have limit of 2-6 users that means you cannot be able to login with that account if three or more people are logged in and using the same account, in that case, you can use another account from the list , we request you to not to change the passwords, if you change the passwords then a mail will be sent to the owner of that account and you and others wont be able to use that account, finally enjoy

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