How to hack wifi using termux

Hello guys, Today am Back With another Termux Tutorial,

In this tutorial we are going to talk about how to hack wifi using termux

As we know Termux is a Powerful Terminal Emulator for Android, we can use Several Hacking Tools in Termux, we have already shared some Termux hacking tutorials as well,

So today's post is all about hacking wifi with termux, in this post we are going to explain is it possible to hack WiFi using Termux, if yes then how we can use Termux to hack WiFi

I thought most of you're might be wandering how to hack WiFi using Termux, if yes then you're at the right place, here I will share my experience on WiFi Hacking,
So let's learn

how to hack wifi using termux

Sadly We Can not Hack wifi with Termux,😴

Yes you heard the right hacking wifi with termux is not possible😢

Don't be afraid😃

But it is Possible to install some WiFi hacking tools in termux,

If you want to hack WiFi password in Termux then here are some ways to do so
  • Using RouterSploit
  • Using Wifite
  • Using Kali Linux
  • Using Kali Nethunter

Using Kali Nethunter In Termux

You can Hack WiFi If you use Kali Nethunter in Termux, we have already shared a tutorial on How to install Kali Nethunter in Termux

If you're already using Kali Nethunter in Termux then you can install Aircrack-ng program in Nethunter to start Cracking WiFi Passwords, also you can Hack WiFi by using wifite script

Using Kali Linux

We have already shared a tutorial on How to install Kali Linux using Termux

 if you don't yet installed then check out the post, that's a step by step tutorial,
After installing Kali Linux you can install WiFi Hacking Tools in Kali Linux then Start Hacking WiFi Passwords,

We have a WiFi Hacking guide, check out that if you're about to hack WiFi from Scratch

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Wifite in Termux

Yes its Possible to Install wifite tool in Termux but may not possible to hack WiFi


(ps: most of the times I uses my old smartphone for Termux tutorial making, that's an old arm device thus I was failed to use wifite in Termux but if you're interested then you can try)

Here how you can install Wifite in Termux

Step1: Firstly Install Termux from Play store

Step2: Type these commands one by one

apt update && apt upgrade


Pkg install wget


pkg install python2


Now type this Command


Then type chmod +x
Final Step: Now you're ready to use Wifite

Just type


Thats it

(It requires Superuser Permissions, if you're root then try installing sudo in Termux)

Install Routersploit In Termux

You can install the Routersploit hacking tool in Termux

Follow the below steps to get stated

Step1: Open Termux and type this command

apt update && apt upgrade

Step2: now type this command

pkg install python


Now type

pkg install git

Step4: now type

git clone

Now type

cd routersploit

Then type

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Then type


That's it

If you don't know how to use it, then learn how to use Routersploit at here

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