How To Use Grabify IP Logger

A step by step tutorial on how to use Grabify IP logger and other IP loggers to track anyone
Hello guys,

Today in this tutorial am going to tell you how to grab someone's IP address, live location using some IP grabbing

This post may be interesting for those who didn't use any IP grabbing tools before

Let me tell you what you should expect after reading this

  • You will learn how to find someone's IP address over social media
  • Getting someone's live location without using any other tools, expect your web 

This tutorial isn't a new thing, but just a small recap on doxing

Let's see how we can utilize the IP grabbing tools, to obtain someone's IP address and track his location along with the device type he/she is

Firstly, you must have a basic knowledge of IP grabbing if you aren't sure then no problem,

I will try to explain it easier

what is grabify ip logger?

Grabify IP logger is a web-based tool, which can be used to grab someone's IP address information in order to track his location and devices and so on

The core advantage of these IP grabbing tools is you don't have to login or create an account to use these tools also you don't have to pay anything for using it

That's why am decided to post this grabify ip logger tutorial

This Grabify IP logger tutorial is quite different

Let's follow these steps to get started

How To Use Grabify IP Logger


Firstly open on any web browser


You will see an interface like this screenshot

Now you have to get an interesting URL to an external website and put that in the box and click on the Create Url button

Step 3:

A pop-up will appear like this screenshot just click agree


Now you will get the dashboard containing tracking link, which you have to copy and send it to the person whom you want to track his IP address/Location

Note: You can use the Smart Logger option, which can track the device OS, Battery state and many more

You can read the complete features here
After copying the tracking link, you have to send the link to the person whom you are about to track

You can send the link through direct message, social media, and any other medium

When the person clicks on the link then you will see the information of his/her IP address

That's all you have learnt how to use Grabify IP logger


If you're using grabify without an account then make sure to keep the tracking code in your notepad for future reference

So far, you have learnt how to capture someone's IP address, let's use Grabify alternative for advanced IP logging

Yes, you read the right, is an alternative to Grabify
With this advanced tool, you can track someone's IP location, with more tracking option

Besides, IP you can track
  • The person's location
  • Both URL and image supported
  • invisible image tracking
  • Advanced URL shortened

You can use this tool without sign in or registration, it's dashboard has a clean interface

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Follow these step to get started with Ip logger


Firstly open website in any web browser


Now choose any tracking method which suits you, after that, you will see a pop-up just accept it.


Now you will get a dashboard like this,

Just copy the tracking link and send it to the victim whom you want to track


Wait till the victim opens the link if your victim opens the link then you will be able to see the info

Just click on the above details, you will find all the information regarding his/her IP address, Device information

Hope you guys learnt how to find someone's IP address using IP grabbing tools

Still, if you're confused then feel free to comment below
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