5 Games to Play With Your Friends

Online Games To Play with Friends

Playing games is a popular activity that can be a beneficial way to boost your mood and help you manage your stress levels. But also, when playing games online, you have many options that allow you to connect with people that enjoy the same games as you do as well as allowing you to play games with your friends. In fact this is why multiplayer games and social games have been booming. Here you can read more about different games you can play right now and bond with your friends and family members.

Online Casino Games for Real Cash – Teen Patti, Blackjack, Slots,

A lot of people look at having a night out at a land-based casino as a way to have fun with their friends. But, if you like to play games of chance and you don't have an opportunity to visit a traditional casino, then you can play casino games online. The good news is that all you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. You can host a gaming night with a 'casino theme' and play various casino games.

There are even popular Indian games you can play and even helpful and great sources where you can learn more about various casino games. For example, you can learn how to play live casino games anywhere online. You will also find no shortage of western casino games in different versions such as poker, baccarat, blackjack and others. Furthermore, there are many great promotions for regular players as well as options that show you which sites offer payment options in Indian Rupee.

Jackbox Games

The Jackbox games are based on the series of quiz-based video games called You Don't Know Jack. The main goal is to answer your question on time, and then your answers will be pitted against each other in your group. The questions in the game vary from pop culture references to trivia questions. Keep in mind that a maximum of 8 people can play the game, but you can also stream your gaming session on Twitch and play with a larger audience.



Minecraft is a sandbox game, where you will be transported into a world made entirely of blocks. You can play with a maximum of thirty players in creative mode and survival mode. A creative mode is better if you want to focus on building something together like castles, ships, bridges, but survival mode can also be a lot of fun as you battle different opponents, collect resources and construct a variety of structures. The game also has a mobile version available for download on your iOS and Android electronic device

Mario Kart Tour

This game can be played remotely on your tablet or smartphone, for example, with a group of seven friends of maximum people. But after you download the game, you need to play a couple of times on your own before the 'Friends' feature becomes available to you. Then you can choose a character such as Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and challenge your friends in a match.


This game would be a great option if you liked games like FarmVille. It is a magical, farming game that takes place on a magical island populated with creatures like mermaids, wizards, magical bears, among other characters. The main goal is to restore the happiness to the villagers and to achieve this goal, and you need to complete different tasks like harvesting crops, tend to your animals, grow vegetables, and more.

Moreover, you'll need to complete tasks for your fellow villagers for more points. You can collaborate with your friends, exchange resources, join a clubhouse, and collect points for virtual prizes. Your points can also be used to redecorate certain castles and homes.
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