How To Install IP Geolocation in Termux

here is a detailed tutorial on how to install ip geo location in termux
Hello there,

Today in this tutorial I will be writing on how to install and use IP Geolocation tool in Termux

I hope you guys are familiar with Termux app, if not then nothing to worry, we have written a detailed post on how to use termux app, you can read here

before we dive into deep we must be aware of what is IP and how we can Geolocate someone with their IP address

I hope you have the basic knowledge of what is IP address and what is ISP

let's see how to install IP Geolocation tool in Termux

How to install IP Geolocation in Termux

follow these steps to get started

Step 1:

Download and install Termux from Playstore

Step 2:

Type this command to update termux

apt update && apt upgrade

Step 3:

then type this command to install git

pkg install git

Step 4:

Now install Python by typing this command

pkg install python

Step 5: 

We are ready to install the IP Geolocation Tool in Termux

Now type this command to clone the Github repo

git clone

ip geolocation termux

now type

cd IPGeoLocation && ls

then type

pip install -r requirements.txt

termux ip geolocation

wait for some time, after finishing you're ready to use the tool

now you can use the tool by typing


ip geolocation github termux

here are some additional flags you can use to explore all the features

./ -m

Retrieve IP Geolocation

./ -t x.x.x.x

Retrieve Domain Geolocation

./ -t

Do not save .log files

./ -t --nolog

Custom User Agent string

./ -t x.x.x.x -u "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko"

Using Proxy

./ -t x.x.x.x -x

Using random Proxy

./ -t x.x.x.x -X /path/to/proxies/filename.txt

Pick User-Agent string randomly

./ -t x.x.x.x -U /path/to/user/agent/strings/filename.txt

Retrieve IP geolocation and open location in Google maps with default browser

./ -t x.x.x.x -g

Export results to CSV file

./ -t x.x.x.x --csv /path/to/results.csv

Export results to XML file

./ -t x.x.x.x --xml /path/to/results.xml

Export results to TXT file

./ -t x.x.x.x -e /path/to/results.txt

Retrieve IP Geolocation for many targets

./ -T /path/to/targets/targets.txt

Retrieve IP Geolocation for many targets and export results to xml

./ -T /path/to/targets/targets.txt --xml /path/to/results.xml

Do not print results to terminal

./ -m -e /path/to/results.txt --noprint


hope you guys liked this tutorial if you want to track someone location then you must check out how to use seeker in termux

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