Dominos Data Breach: Here what you need to know

Dominos India suffered from a data breach this year, and it turned to a hot topic here what you should need to know
dominos data breach
Dominos one of the largest Pizza delivery Company suffered from a data breach this year, The company claims no financial data was compromised in that data breach

This News came to light in March, later a Security Researcher named Rajshekhar Rajaharia tweeted alerting that Dominos India Suffered from a data breach and  the hacker made a search engine as proof of dominos breach

here is the quick update

  • The News Came to light in March
  • Data of 13 TB was compromised which includes Users data
  • Domino's India Statement says No Financial data was compromised

Recently Dominos India Confirmed the Data breach was real and the financial data of its users were not in the data breach, recently they alerted its users via email, as they might use Third-party services as their Payment gateway, and track of the financial data, PIN, CVV and other secret information related to financial data was not in the data breach

when this incident took place?

As per sources, this data breach happened in March, later Rajshekhar Rajaharia a Security Researcher tweeted claiming there was a data breach with Dominos India Company

The data contains 13 TB of Their Customers and Employee data including Full Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Address and Delivery Address, as per the dark web site hosted by the unknown hacker, the customer's data is listed and its available to search through the onion site

What type of Data is Being Made Public?

dominos data leak darkweb site

The data includes Names, Phone, GPS address, delivery date, Address and so on

How to Access The DarkNet Website

The dark web onion site only available in tor browser but for now the website is accessible on the surface web too, as of now the onion link is indexed by Google and the website is accessible without using tor

Statement From Dominos India

Recently Dominos India, Released a statement Emailing their users about the data breach, Here is the statement from Dominos India Company 

Statement From Dominos India

They have Investigating with Cyber Forensics Experts, also they have lodged a complaint on Cyber Crime cell, There was no financial data compromised said in that statement
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