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Nmap alternatives in 2022, The fastest port scanner

Smap is the fastest Port scanner tool built by our favourite Infosec guy Somdev. He is one of my inspirations for getting into the infosec field. During the old school 1337 days, we used to learn together with daily  challenges, CTFs, and those days were great,

Let's get to the point. We have already published an article on how to use nmap

There are some time-consuming issues with Nmap. Sometimes we have to wait long times to get the Port Scan results. Now we can overcome this issue and get the results even faster by using this Smap tool,

You can use this tool in Kali Linux, Termux too,

Before using this tool, lets us explore the features this tool has

Smap replacement for Nmap powered by


  • Scans 200 hosts per second
  • Doesn't require any account/api key
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Supports all nmap's output formats
  • Service and version fingerprinting
  • Makes no contact with the targets

Installation on Kali Linux

The Installation is simple as written in golang; you can read more about the installation part here on the Github repo.

Open Kali Linux Terminal and paste the following command.

since this tool is written in golang, we have to install golang

You can install golang by using the following command.

sudo apt install golang

If golang is already installed, then type the below command.

go install -v
Smap tool

 Installation in Termux

To install this tool in Termux, Open the Termux app and type the following commands.

pkg install golang

After that, type this command.

Install smap in termux

go install -v

 now we have to go to the go dir, so type

cd go/bin

then type 


you will see the instructions

Start smap in Termux

Here are the results from Termux, which took less than 3 seconds

termux results


This is somehow faster and gives accurate results. I recommend you try it out.

I hope you liked this tutorial. If you face any issues, feel free to leave your comments.

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