How to install php in termux

Learn How to install php in termux

 Php is a popular scripting language for web development; Php is easy to use and has a simple syntax. In this article, we will show you how to install PHP in termux

Install php in termux

To install PHP in termux, follow the below steps carefully

1. Install Termux from F-Droid

2. Type the Below command to update the termux packages

pkg update && apk upgrade -y

3.  type the below command to install PHP

pkg install php

4. After successful installation, you can check the PHP version by typing 

php --version

php version

5. Install nano, a text editor for terminal

pkg install nano

 6. Now Create a file test.php using nano and execute

nano test.php
Using nano

Save the file by CTRL +X , Then execute it,

php test.php
php output

You will see the output. 

hope you guys learnt how to install and use PHP in termux. Also, read termux commands

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