How To Find Someone Phone Number On Facebook

Follow this tutorial to find someone phone number and email from Facebook
Today in this tutorial am going to tell you how to find someone's phone number and email on Facebook

As you know, Facebook brings changes and people are hiding their Phone numbers and email from Facebook Profiles, so that we cannot see their phone numbers and email without asking them

But today I will tell you a trick to extract their phone number and email address information using Termux

how to find someone phone number on facebook

Firstly you must have basic knowledge of how to use Termux, if not then read our tutorial on how to use Termux for ethical hacking

Before we proceed, there are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to find phone number on facebook

  • By using this trick, you can see phone number and email address of your friends list
  • You can extract even if they hidden their phone & email from public profile
  • Only you have to know is make sure the person in your friends list whom info you're gonna extract

Now let's gets started,

Fbi Termux

you can use this tool in Windows, Mac and Kali Linux but this time we are using the tool Termux

Firstly Download and install Termux from Playstore

After installing

Now Type Below command

apt update && apt upgrade

Then type

pkg install python2

Then type

pkg install git

Then type

git clone

Now type

cd fbi

Then type

pip2 install -r requirements.txt

Finally type


Then type help to get the help menu
Now you have to create access token
For that type token

Then type your Facebook login ID and password then you will see a list of commands to dump your friends email, phone numbers list

Eg: how to find friends email on facebook use dump_mail

dump_phonelist for phone numbers on facebook

After executing the commands you will get the info in a txt file

To read the .txt file You can install nano in Termux by typing pkg install nano

Further Reading

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Also you can use FacebookToolkit, Osif similar tool to fbi

Thanks for reading,

Note that this tutorial is only for educational purpose only, and we are not responsible for any misuse
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