How to transfer files from Android to Kali Nethunter unrooted

Now you can transfer files from Nethunter to your sdcard, make other operations as well including read, write, copy, move, edit etc.

Hello guys, In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how you can transfer files from Kali Nethunter to your sdcard

Transfer files from Nethunter to Android

It can be quickly done on a Rooted phone, but if you are using Nethunter on a non-rooted phone, then you have to deal with the permission issues; after reading this tutorial, you will know how to deal with that and access your sdcard or Phone Memory inside Kali Nethunter, 

You can move files from Nethunter to Sdcard, copy, edit and delete files using the command line Terminal or GUI.

How To Mount sdcard In Rootless Kali Linux

First of all, you should be Installed Kali Nethunter using this official method. If so, then follow the below steps to get started.

Step 1: Open Termux and type ls

and see if you have installed Nethunter, you will see install-nethuner-termux

then the Nethunter is installed using the official method,

Step 2:

You need nano to edit the bash file. For that, you have to install nano by typing this command.

pkg install nano

Step3: Now  type this command to edit the nethunter file located at /usr/bin/

nano ../usr/bin/nethunter
First command

You will see an editor shown below screenshot. We recommend you use Hackers Keyboard to edit the file. 

file inside nano

Step 4: You have to scroll down till you see -b

add this line

Now add this line 

-b /sdcard \

and close the editor by typing CTRL + X (alternatively, you can use Volume down and x)

Now Run nethunter by typing nethunter in termux

and browse the sdcard directory by typing 

cd /sdcard/

You are inside Sdcard (Phone Memory)

sdcard access

In the same way, you can add memory card. Before that, you have to know the name of your memory card. You can quickly figure out that by typing the below commands in Termux (Not inside nethunter)

cd /storage/


Alternatively, you can access the sdcard inside the GUI version of nethunter

sdcard access gui

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This tutorial will work fine if you have installed nethunter through the official method. If not, then you have to figure out and follow these steps. If you face any problems, then feel free to comment below.

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