Top 10 Programming Languages For Hacking

Check out the list of best Programming Languages for hackers
Today in this post we are going to talk about programming languages that Hackers use the most

Programming is essential for Hacking and a Hacker must be a master of any Programming Languages, in fact, a Hacker must have the idea of what Programming Languages the target is programmed with

Programming Languages for Hacking

So let's explore what is Programming and which programming language you should learn for Hacking

Firstly know

What is Programming

Programming is a process of designing and developing a program for a specific task, the programming may vary from task to task,

And on the other hand the depending on our program we use several programming languages to program

Life became too hard without Programming and Without Programmers

If you're using your Smartphone & Computer Properly then it's because of Programming and you're browsing the internet right..! the websites you visit are also programmed with a front end and back end web programming languages

Depending on our requirements we learn programming languages, but did you know what programming language is mostly used for hacking?

You may already know or maybe not

Do you want to know what programming language do hackers use and what programming language is mostly used for hacking

Then let's move on

Best Programming Languages for Hacking

One thing you have to remember is when it comes to Programming Languages there is nothing as best

Suppose if a person is good at python then he may claim python is the best programming language, similarly if another person good at C++ then he may claim C++ is the best language

When it comes to Programming we can't just judge because of its advantages, a programming language is best for a specific program and it may perform well for that specific program and the same Programming Language may perform worse for other Projects

Let's consider programming language for hacking

Programming Language plays a good role in Ethical Hacking,

Hacking is not a short term, it's huge
Suppose if Python and C++ Perform well at Cracking WiFi Password, then these Programming Languages may not perform well while using them on other projects

So you might ask

what programming language should I learn for hacking?

Here we have listed some of the programming languages that a Hacker must learn

Popular Programming Languages a Hacker must know

Still wondering  what programming language is most used for hacking
Then this list is must, but it's not limited

#1 The first Language is HTML

HTML language

Although HTML is not a programming language, still HTML is a must-learn Language for a Hacker
HTML is used to create and design web pages, often hackers use HTML to create Phishing pages,

Our idea is not to create Phishing pages, but if you learn HTML then it will help you to understand web applications,

this is the easiest language to learn, you can learn it without previous knowledge of any other Programming Language

Do you know, HTML gave an idea to Mark Zuckerberg to code Facebook

#2 C/C++ Programming

C Programming Language

We can say C Programming is the mother of all other Programming Languages

It's 2020 right, most of the people say C Programming is dead

But actually, that's wrong, still, C Programming is widely used and popular in Asian Countries

C is an easy language to learn, if you learn C then you will learn other Programming Languages faster

In Hacking, C++ is famous for creating Keyloggers, and there are very famous Hacking Tools like DDosing,
It's a stable language with many advantages

#3 JavaScript


JavaScript is a multi Purpose Programming Language, it's widely used in web development, JavaScript is a must-learn Language for Hacking

#4 PHP

PHP programming

PHP is a Widely used backed web programming language, do you know Most of the websites you visit today are based on WordPress, which is developed with PHP

In my opinion, a hacker must have minimum knowledge of backed programming language, nowadays most of the data breaches are done through the web, that was too with a little security fault in the backend programming language

#5 SQL


Structure Query Language (SQL) is a most popular programming language used for communication with a Database

SQL is basically used to Read, Write, Delete & Update data to a database
The same Language can destroy the database too

SQL Injection is a powerful technique hackers use to get the advantage of the database, and Companies pays a high Bounty for finding SQL Injection vulnerabilities

#6 Python

Python programming

Python is a fastest-growing programming language, Python is an interpreted language, it is also a multi-purpose programming language

That's why Machines Learning and Data Science dominating the IT industry

There are a lot of powerful Hacking Tools written in python, however, the support for python2 is ended in January 2020, thus hackers are moving their tools to Python 3
In my opinion, Python is the most important programming language for hacking

#7 Java

Java programming

The trend of Java is not yet dead, most of the popular companies still hiring Java developers

In fact, The official language for Android development is Java
There are a lot of powerful Pentesting tools are out there, Burp suite is one of them

#8 Ruby


Ruby also a powerful multi-purpose programming language influenced by Perl, it's also an easier language as compared to C

There are many popular exploits are there written with ruby



Perl is a popular language, there are too some popular exploits coded in Perl

#10 Bash


We put bash in the last, but it doesn't mean that bash is not so popular,
I think You might already familiar with bash, if so then you may know how powerful the Nmap tool

Bash is a favourite language for Linux lovers, and without Linux Hacking is boring
These are the programming languages hackers use the most, and there is nothing as most important programming languages for hacking, you can learn ethical hacking even without learning any programming language

Hope you guys understand how programming language is essential for Hacking
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