Mobikwik Data Breach Explained

Mobikwik Indian Digital wallet Company Suffered from a Data Breach here is the story
Mobikwik Data Breach

Data Breaches are not new to India, This is the story of A Digital wallet and Financial Company of India

This year Mobikwik faced a Cyber Attack that exposed almost 11 Crore  Indian customers data, this is not the first time the Company faced such a Cyber Attack earlier in 2010 they faced a similar attack by unknown Hackers

Earlier the company denied the cyber attack and threatened those who claimed that the Mobikwik data breach was real, they even tried to hide the truth

Story Highlights

  • The leak contains more than 8 TB of data 
  • The hacker claimed he has access to MobiKwik servers since Jan 2021
  • Breached data includes personal details, KYC info and so on
  • Company Responded After Almost 25 days

In February The news became a buzz, after an individual security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia tweet, which he states that there was a data breach with Mobikwik Company,

According to his claims, the unknown hacker has access to Mobikwik data since January 2021, 

In March Mobikwik openly tweeted claiming there wasn't any data breach with Mobikwik and the Security Researcher spreading fake news to gain media attention, and to damage the company reputation, also they stated they will take strict action against the false news

later the Mobikwik users started searching their data on the darknet site created by the unknown hacker

Mobikwin Data Breach

The hacker stated that we will completely delete the data once purchased,

Mobikwik CEO blamed their customers for the data available on the dark web, he said we didn't found any security vulnerabilities on our side, the data might be from any other source where the users might uploaded


it's not yet over, many people started busting the truth of Mobikwik Company's Data leak and still, the company denied the breach

Troy Hunt, Creator of @haveibeenpwned tweeted supporting the Security Researcher

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