How to use Xploitspy in Termux

How to use Xploitspy Tool in Termux To Hack Android Phones | A Step By Step Tutorial
Hello guys, today in this tutorial am going to tell you how to use Xploitspy an advanced Tool to Hack Someone's Android Smartphone

Xploitspy on Termux

Now Xploitspy is Updated and Working Fine, that's why we decided to post an article on it

In our previous posts, we have already shared how to hack using Metasploit and many other methods,

Most of the people hate to type a lot of commands for each operation, for that they want simple and neat User Interface, Xploitspy Tool makes it easy for us

So let's see how you can use this Xploitspy Tool to create payloads and spy on any Android phone

How to use Xploitspy Tool


XploitSpy Was Backdoored by a bad actor a Long Ago,  and we did not update this tutorial since then

If you are still using this tool, we highly recommend you stop using it or remove the backdoored code 


STOP using Xploitspy and use our Moded L3MON tool

Here is the Tutorial on how to use it

Before we dive deep, let's see what this tool can able to do

You can Remotely do the following

  • View Call Logs
  • View/Send Messages
  • View Contacts
  • Get Location of Device
  • File Explorer & Downloader
  • Microphone Recording
  • View WiFi Networks
  • Live Clipboard Logging
  • View Installed Apps
  • Monitor Skype/Telegram
  • App Auto Hide
  • See Whatsapp Chat, Instagram and other apps
And many other features

How to setup Xploitspy Using Termux

To use Xploitspy Tool we are going to use Termux Application, this is one-time use only, after that there is no use of Termux, you can do all the monitoring stuff on the web

Carefully follow these steps to get started

Firstly We Need

  • Heroku Account (Free)
  • Termux App

Create a Heroku Account

Heroku is a Cloud Hosting Platform, which we are taking advantage of its free hosting to host our Apps

Firstly goto

And Create for a free account
After that, you have to create an app,

Then click on New then click on Create app
Heroku dashboard

Now you have to give a name to the app and proceed by clicking Create

Create new app heroku

Now you're done, Remember the app name

Installing Xploitspy Tool in Termux

Now it's time to use Termux,
Firstly Download Termux App from Playstore if not downloaded

Open Termux and Type the Commands one by one

apt update && apt upgrade

Then type

pkg install git

Then Type

pkg install nodejs

Now type

npm install -g heroku


git clone


cd XploitSPY


heroku login -i

Now you have to provide your heroku login details

In the username type your email
And it will ask for the password, so type your heroku password and hit enter

Necessary Commands

Now type these commands one by one

heroku git:remote -a App-Name

Here put App-Name
which you have chosen during app creation at

Now type

heroku buildpacks:add heroku/jvm


heroku buildpacks:add heroku/nodejs

And Final command

git push heroku master

After some time it will show this successful message

Deployment Successful

Now you're ready to use Xploitspy Tool
Just open on any web browser

eg: I have choosen my app name as basuxxx

So I will open

Xploitspy Tool

Click on Login

The default username Password is

Username: admin
Password: password

After login, you will get the dashboard,
To create an apk payload just click on ApK Builder and Download the Apk

Xploitspy Apk Builder

After that install that apk in your victim device and give device admin access

After clicking on devices, and select the device, you will see the following options that are it

Xploitspy Dashboard

Now you're able to spy on that device
Hope you like this tutorial, if you have any questions feel free to comment below

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  1. When i open the it shows that "There's nothing here, Yet."
    1. Seems your build wasn't successful

      try again
  2. It's not workings heroku suspended my account
  3. My acc was suspended.why?
    1. Sorry guys Actually Hacking/Cracking Stuff is Not allowed on Heroku, you can try with vps
    2. But there is no vps for free
  4. When i open the it shows that "There's nothing here, Why
    1. Now heroku no longer supported for Xploitspy

      Better to choose a vps
  5. I dont know any programming language..i im stocked where i need to continue from HEROKU BUILDPACKS..
    1. Now heroku is no longer supported for this tool, you have to install it on your own VPS
  6. Hey thanks for this amazing guide but as now the is no longer supportrd can u teach us how to do that on our own VPS plz
  7. heroku suspended mine account
    1. Mine too
  8. hi can u help,
    i already install the apps i build in the target phone. but in my dashboard ita show only online and offline and the category, thiers no device active, thiers no usual category like u post in this page. i already allow the device administration and also allow in notification access in my target phone..
  9. Why you do not create a topic on xploitspy on vps
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  12. My heroku account has been suspended
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  14. Bro give a tutorial for doing this in "VPS"
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